Godtear Playtest Event 3rd March

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When: Saturday 3rd March 2018
Where: SFG HQ
Steamforged Games Ltd
Unit 1 Kestrel Road
Trafford Park
M17 1SF
If you have any specific dietary requirements please let us know via phone before February 28th. 0161 429 0000
What is it?
An Early Access event is a couple of things all rolled into one. Firstly, it’s a learning experience. Whether you bought into the Early Access of Godtear or not, this is your first chance to come and play the game surrounded by other fans of the project. In addition, you’ll get to play with and discuss the game with members of the Steamforged Games development team that actually work on Godtear every day. Didn’t buy an Early Access Pack? No problem, just borrow some models from us for the day!
Secondly, Early Access events are the very first form of Godtear organised play. That doesn’t mean that this is a tournament, since the term ‘organised play’ can mean anything from a weekly gaming night, to a story driven campaign weekend, as well as tournament play. Early Access events will be your first chance to meet other fans of the game, see what it’s like to see Godtear being played by a room full of people at once, and of course have fun!
Thirdly, Early Access events are an opportunity to playtest Godtear itself. Godtear is a game that is still under development and this is your opportunity to help us make the game that you want to play. As well as helping you to learn how to play, our development team will also be talking to you to find out what elements of Godtear you like, the elements you’re less fond of, which ones we can make more fun, and which ones we could make easier to use.
Godtear Early Access events at Steamforged Games HQ will start around 9am and conclude at approximately 6pm. Attendees should expect to be able to play multiple games during the day. If you bought an Early Access pack, remember to bring all your models and accessories with you to play with.
Tea, coffee, soft drinks, and snacks will be available throughout the day. A free lunch is included in the price of your ticket, please make sure to let us know about any special dietary requirements. Additionally, our onsite store will be open for the duration of the day in case you feel like picking up any of our latest releases!
**Due to the facilities available we at unable to provide access for wheel chair users or anyone unable to walk up a flight of stairs**

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