The Fisherman's Guild: The Changing Tide

Sold Out
You ever stand on a beach and watch the tide come in? See how the water races over the sand, before washing away again? The Fishermen are like that. They don’t care much for armour or hurting anyone, but left to play their game they’ll rush in to steal the ball and score, then escape once more… until the next wave comes crashing down.
- Harmony, Mason’s Guild Vice Captain

Athletic, handsome, and composed, Shark is every inch the Guild Ball star player. A striker almost without compare, very few teams can stop him on a goal run—and he rarely misses the target. At the head of a team of football aces, Shark’s style of leadership is simple… all out goal scoring offence where the Fishermen win the game quickly, dancing around the lumbering oafs trying to beat them bloody.

Like the sweeping tide on the shorefront, the Fisherman’s Guild dash in to tackle their opponents and steal the ball, and then retreat again before they can be caught. As evasive as a fish in the ocean, no other team exemplifies the game as they do—often opposition teams abandon their own game plan altogether, spending their time chasing the Fishermen instead, trying to stop yet another goal.

Ride the surf - this set includes a ball, a goalpost, terrain, and 6 players: Shark, Salt, Angel, Greyscales, Kraken, Siren.

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